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Daily Specials

Combo 1

Rice, 2 Vegetables

Combo 2

Rice, Vegetable, Meat

Monday & Friday

Chicken Biryani with Tandoori Chicken Leg & Egg


Long Kabab Roll (Beef or Chicken)


Tandoori Whole Chicken with 2 Naans, Fries, Sauce, and Salad


Bihari Kabab with Naan

Weekend Special

Bhorta Take-out Box

Bhorta Take-out Box with 6 Bhortas

Roast Pulau for Four Made with Kalijira Rice

Our Menu

Appetizer and Wrap

Vegetable Samosa

Chicken / Beef Samosa

Lollipop Chicken (6 pcs)


Chicken / Beef Wrap

Tandoori & BBQ

Chicken Leg (Full pcs)

Chili Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)

Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)

Tandoori Chicken (half)

Chicken with bone marinated over night in herbs & spices cooked in traditional tandoori style to perfection.

Tandoori Chicken (full)

Chicken wings marinated over night in herbs & spices cooked in traditional tandoori style to perfection.

Tandoori Platters

Platter for 1

Chili Chicken Tikka 4pcs. Beef/Chicken Shish Kabab 1 pc. naan, Pulaw Rice, salad & sauces.

Mixed Kabab Platter for 2

Chicken Tikka 4 pcs. Chicken / or Beef Shish Kabab 2 pcs. Tandoori Full Chicken Leg. 2 butter Naans, Pulau rice, Sauce and Salad.

Bihary Kabab Platter for 2

Beef/ or Chicken Shish Kabab 2 pcs. Bihari Kabab one sizzler. 2 butter Naans, Pulaw Rice, salad & sauces.

Tandoori Leg Platter for 4

4 pcs Tandoori Chicken Leg, 4 Eggs, 4 Chicken Sami Kabab, Pulaw Rice, Sauce and Salad.

Picnic Special for 4

Tandoori Whole Chicken. Pulau Rice, 4Party Naans, Fries, Salad and Sauces.

Family Mixed Platter for 4

Tandoori Whole Chicken. Beef/ or Chicken Sheesh Kabab 4 pcs. Pulau Rice, 4 Party Naans, 4 Eggs, Fries, Salad and Sauces.

Madinah Special Platter for 4

Chili Chicken Tikka 8 pcs. Beef/ or Chicken Shish Kabab 4 pcs. Bihari Kabab one sizzler. Pulau rice, 4 Party Naans, salad & sauces.

Family Dinner for 5

One Tawa Chicken curry, (one Beef bhuna/Lamb curry), five pcs sheesh Kabab (Chicken/Beef) or Ten pcs Chili Chicken Tikka, 5 Naans, Pulau rice, Sauce and salad

Party Mixed Kabab Platter for 10

2 Whole Tandoori Chicken. 10 pcs Beef / or Chicken Sheesh Kabab 10 PCS. Chicken Sami Kabab/ or Tuna Kabab. 10 EGGS. 10 Party Naans. Pulau Rice Sauce and Salad.

Kabab Dishes

Bihari Kabab (beef)

Overnight marinated tender strips of beef on grill & chef special spices.

Seek Kabab 2 PCS (beef/chicken)

(served with sauce and salad)

Biryani and Rice

Boneless Chicken Tikka  Biryani

Chicken Biryani (with bone)

Beef Biryani

Lamb Biryani

Veggie Biryani

Plain Rice

Pulau Rice

Beef / Goat Curry Dishes

Beef Kala Bhuna Large, Medium

From medium to spicy. Cooked with black pepper,onion,green pepper and other spices.

Beef Korahi Large, Medium

Cooked in tomato onion gravy with homemade spices.

Beef Bhuna Large, Medium

From medium to spicy. Cooked with onion pepper and special curry sauce.

Goat Curry Large, Medium

Goat meat (with bone)cooked with chillies, ginger, onion gravy in a tomato 7 roasted spices.

Goat Dal Large, Medium

Goat meat (with bone) with chana dal cooked with tomato, onion gravy , roasted spices.

Chicken(Boneless) Curry Dishes

Tawa Chicken 

Large, Medium

South Indian curry with naga flavoured.

Korahi Chicken Large, Medium

Prepared with fresh green chillies, garlic, tomatoes cooked in a spicy aromatic sauce.

Butter Chicken Large, Medium

Boneless meat cooked with a sweet creamy sauce made of cashew nuts & almonds.

Chicken Tikka Masala Large, Medium

Fish & Sea Food

Shrimp Bhuna

From mild to spicy. Cooked in special curry sauce with homemade spices.

Pomfret fish fry/gravy

Fish Platters

Fish Platter

Two Pomfret Fish Grilled/Gravy, 4 Tuna Kabab, 4 Sauces and Pulau Rice

Fish Platter for 4

2 Pomfret Fish grilled or gravy, 4 pcs Rohu fish dupiaza, 4 tuna Kababs, 8 pcs Tempura Shrimp with Rice and 4 Sauces


Saag Paneer – Medium, Large

Fresh spinach & paneer cooked in fresh garlic & ginger a touch of cream.

Mix vegetable – Medium, Large

Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with onion, tomato & roasted spices.

Dal Makhani – Medium, Large

Black lentil in a rich cream sauce made with ginger, garlic, tomato & roasted spices.

Chana masala – Medium, Large

Chickpeas cooked in onion, tomato & roasted spices.

Tarka dal – Medium, Large

Three kinds of lentils with fresh coriander, herbs & roasted garlic.

Naan and Bread

Regular Naan

Garlic Naan

Sauce and Salad

Tamarind Sauce

Mint Sauce


Cucumber Raita


Dessert and Drinks

Gulab Jamun (3 pcs)

Mango Lassi

Soft Drinks(Coke/Sprite/Pepsi/7 up/Ginger /Crush)

Bottled Water

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