Kala Bhuna at the Madinah Grill: where culture meets taste

Before shedding the spotlight on the item we are going to talk about today, here’s the disclaimer: there is a great chance you don’t know a lot of the things that will be discussed in this blog. The main character of the story today is the Beef Kala Bhuna featured on the menu of Madinah Grill, Scarborough.

Humans have been utilizing food as a linguistic tool for decades and it has successfully managed to highlight our cultural identity. It’s important to know the culture of the food we’re eating because it makes the meal more meaningful than just the taste. Kala Bhuna was first prepared by the Chittagong locals. Chittagong is a small city by the port on the Bay of Bengal. It is widely known as the most hospitable and cultural group in the world. Although the district of Chittagong holds about 7.6 million people, this specific population is diverse and is scattered around the world.

The Chittagongian people have gifted us beef kala bhuna which has found it’s way to Madinah Grill in Scarborough. If we are talking appearances, Kala Bhuna is an exclusive dark, flavourful and tender dish prepared with chunks of beef and traditional spices passed onto us by our forefathers. If you’re wondering about the name, Kala means dark and Bhuna is a Chittagongian word for deep-frying. It is also called “gorur kala bhuna”  or “gorur gosht kala bhuna” to a lot of Bangladeshis. Madinah Grill boasts a menu full of Bangladesh heritage to each dish along with halal meat and food in Toronto.

This dish is not only popular and feasted on in Bangladesh, but all-around Asia it is greatly loved by Indians too. Indians widely call it Kala Gosht, which means dark-meat and holds the similar cooking method. If you are craving for some Kala Bhuna near you, just keep reading and you will know what exactly you’re in for.

Kala Bhuna can steal the show at any feast or dinner party. But one needs to know the recipe that would steal hearts. Well, we might not share the special recipe used to woo customers here at Madinah Grill but you can prepare it to steal hearts. Sure, you can fry any piece of beef or chicken for a long time and make it look dark enough to replicate Kala-bhuna but a traditional kala bhuna would need a lot more than just a BBQ sauce stewed beef cooked for a long time. Here’s a spoiler! You can’t prepare it in a conventional oven, the cultural touch to it would just be missed.

Here’s a classic beef kala bhuna recipe for you. The basic ingredients that go into this scrumptious dish is onion, green chilli, ginger paste, garlic paste, cumin powder, cinnamon stick and a couple of Bay Leaves (and a few secret ingredients you will get to taste only if you visit a Kala Bhuna restaurant near you in Scarborough, the Madinah Grill). After washing the meat properly, it needs to get smothered in a rich mixture of spices and then popped into the refrigerator to give the meat enough time to marinate all the flavours within them. Take the largest pan and fry some onions and dry red chilies in a pan of sizzling hot oil and drop the spice covered tender meat into it when a golden-brown spectrum has lined the onions in the oil. Cooking time requires a minimum of 45 minutes and you should keep frying till the meat softens and the colour darkens just about enough. And if 45 minutes is too long of a time to prep then order from our menu in Madinah Grill. Madinah Grill is famously known in Toronto for their selling of halal food prioritizing every religion so families and friends can enjoy a meal without worrying.

Food is simply an incredible gift to humanity. It’s a strong force binding people together across cultures and centuries. Kala bhuna is an ambrosia for the desi people in Canada and abroad. Many people from the southeast Asia often search for Chicken Kala Bhuna recipe too and fun fact- Kala Bhuna can be explored in a wide variety of meat. This delicious rich and flavorful meal with an exotic history of a country full of hospitality is a dish everyone should try once at least. Madinah Grill tries to bring a home like feel to their dishes, so every bite is enough to remind you of the culture of the food you’re consuming.

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